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My first photoshoot with a professional photographer​ was completely terrifying. I was nervous and very insecure in how I would look on camera. Sadly, no one on set did or said anything to ease the fear and tension I felt that entire day.

Matter of fact, I was posed and over-posed by the director, so none of the photos looked or felt natural. I felt awkward in the wardrobe the stylist styled me in, and the photographer often seemed frustrated with me. I hated the whole experience, and it showed in every single photo captured.


When I became a photographer, I knew that I never wanted anyone else to experience what I had experienced, at their first, or even 100th, photoshoot. It was important to me that I created a fun and comfortable environment for my clients—whether we shot in the studio or on location—and this is what I have done for the last decade as a photographer.  

When you are shooting with me, you are always guaranteed a unique experience, filled with fun, laughter, encouragement, and professionalism. We play your favorite tunes to get you in your element, you are given gentle directions to help you nail your poses, snacks are often provided, and not to mention, you get some pretty rockin' photos from our session together! 

If you would like to book me for your next photo session, wedding, or event, please use the contact form here.

I am looking forward to shooting and having fun with you!

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